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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Urgent! St. Pats is Early at the Irish Circle

Irish Circle Wapella

Irish Circle Wapella TODAY...FREE CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE! ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARTY! KARAOKE 4:00-8:00. $2.25 16 oz Bud Lite


Anonymous said...

Sounds good. Wish I could be there to get some corned beef and cabbage. Not a lot of such fare here in my area...too much sushi and Mexican, but not much in the way of really good European ethnic fare. There are a couple of phony "Irish pubs" here in town that use St. Pat's as an excuse to charge atrociously high covers, when no cover applies any other night. I'm too old to want to deal with throngs of excessively over-served partiers in order to get some mediocre "Irish" food. Been there. Done that. I hope to find a nice restaurant to get my "Irish fix" on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that only some of us can be Irish all day every day. The rest can only pine and try to Celtic on 3/17.

I don't know that CB&C is true Celtic food. I would suggest some fish, a beefsteak, boxty or a stew. Lucky Charms do not qualify.

A nice Irish restaurant in San Diego Co?

I would suggest some Irish sun screen for those days at the beach.


P. Pearse

EEP said...

There's a place out in Carlsbad called Hensley's Flying Elephant Pub that's pretty authentic. Live Irish music lots of nights, Pogues on the jukebox (amongst other classic bands)

Owner Matt Hensley is accordion player in Irish band Flogging Molly.

Check it out, SoCal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, EEP. I appreciate the tip. Sounds like you may have been to Hensleys at some point. [?]

Hensley's is about 5 miles from where I live. I've gone by there hundreds of times, but I did not realize that it had an "authentic Irish connection," as 'twere. I just bought gas at the ARCO station next door to Hensley's a few days ago. :-) I haven't seen them do much advertising, nor did I know it to be an "Irish" pub. I checked the menu on the link...lo and behold, they've got Guinness Beef Stew, Shepherd's Pie and Bangers and Mash. Unfortunately, no "Bubble and Squeak," but that's OK. I am definitely going to try to get in there sometime tomorrow for some of that stew...and a "pint."

P. Pearse/BEP, I've enough Irish in me to appreciate it the whole year through. And, no...the Lucky Charms wouldn't qualify as Irish fare. Fish, lamb, potatoes, etc., are more to my taste, anyway. :-)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of bubble and squeak, how about Irish Spring?

Flann O'Brien

Anonymous said...

Cute, "Flann." Very cute...


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