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Friday, February 12, 2010

How about Moving the Rams to Hog City?

The St. Louis Rams franchise has been sold to an Urbana businessman. This can only be good news for many of us who want a professional sports franchise in DeWitt County, preferably in Wapella, but Laesch Acres in Farmer City will do for now.

Norm Van Brocklin, John Hadl, Roman Gabriel, Mark Herrman, Vince Ferragamo, Jim Everett, Kurt Warner are just to name a few quarterbacks for the Cleveland-Los Angeles-St. Louis franchise, would certainly light up Central Illinois with their fireworks.

Now with the Illini on top of the BigTen, what could be better for Illinois sports than another winner on the 40th Parallel?

What better birthday present for a Raiders fan like AJW than to bring the Rams to Wapella? Happy Birthday AJ!


Anonymous said...

what about a little love for James Harris?

Did any Wapella grade schooler have a Rams jacket? I can't recall but I think so. Was it D Earl?


Anonymous said...

That would be "LA Earl" to you.

Vince Ferragamo

Anonymous said...

Why did you leave me off of the list?

Bob Waterfield

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to buy a playbook?

Karl Sweetan

Anonymous said...

I do believe that in his Ram-supporting days, BEP fancied himself as the second coming of Roman Gabriel.


JBP said...

Also, one of the seven acceptable alternative nicknames for the late Raymond Ryan was "Roman" Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Rams share Southern California with AJW's beloved Raiders for a time?

Al Davis

Anonymous said...

How about a little respect?

Roman Polanski

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the party...just got back from the Big Island of Hawaii, and am headed for Sacramento tomorrow. Anway, Happy Belated Birthday to AJW. :-)

If the "Rams" make it to Hog City, the name could be changed to the "Hams." Just a thought...


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