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Friday, December 4, 2009

Return of Really Stupid Music Video

There was something quite naive about the early 1980's MTV music video and the idea that a slopped together video recording with dubbed over vocals would somehow change the music world. Also, half-dressed women show up for no apparent reason. Come on, who actually though ZZ Top would be more appealing visually than on record?

The music world didn't change all that much, though movies and TV went to shorter cuts, punchier gags, and lower production values/stripped down performances. Night Ranger with Sister Christian, Survivor, The Bangles all were video hits that may have stalled (even quicker) without video.

Butch Walker is the busiest guy in show business producing hits, promoting shows, and even performing himself. I can't grip whether this video is a parody or he actually thinks it is profound to do a voice over saying

I don't want to drive around
And listen to your burned CD's
Through your sh***y car speakers
Of every band you think you've discovered
It's just gonna make me feel insecure

I'll go with a parody, but the song is still catchy, and the video is ridiculously amusing.
Rock on Butch Walker (who looks like he might be from Waynesville) with "The Weight of Her"


Anonymous said...

you are cute. young. stupid. and cute.

Anonymous said...

The draft pick bowl

I hope one of them get to draft a boy named Sue.

Damn you kong said...

It's Suh.

And if the world was fair he'd get the Heisman.

House of Spears said...

That boy can play!

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