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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Pride of New Athens Illinois: Congratulations Dorrel Norman Elvert "Whitey" Herzog

The Hall of Fame welcomes the great one, Whitey Herzog. Here's Whitey in action:

“I just got 45 games dumber.”
— Herzog after Bruce Sutter signed with the Atlanta Braves after the 1984 season.

“The Yankees have got (Rich) Gossage and (Sparky) Lyle. We’ve got Hungo, Mungo, the Duck and the Bird.”
— When Herzog’s Royals met the Yankees in the 1978 playoffs, the Yankees had a more high-priced and effective bullpen than the Royals’ four of Al Hrabosky, Steve Mingori, Marty Pattin and Doug Bird.

“We need three kinds of pitching — lefthanded, righthanded and relief.”
— Discussing some of the bad pitching staffs he had to endure in his several managerial stops, notably the 1973 Texas Rangers.

“Baseball has been good to me since I quit trying to play it.”
— Thankful for all he’s received since he played his last big-league game in 1963.

“People said I had my own type of baseball, ‘Whiteyball.’ I don’t know about that. But I knew we were going to run. I knew we had to run.”
— On his championship teams featuring a running game designed for spacious Busch Stadium and its artificial turf.

“If I would say who taught me the most, it would be Casey Stengel. He told me things about fundamentals that I had never heard before.”
— Herzog on the New York Yankees’ Hall of Fame manager.

“I knew the first time I didn’t win, I was going to get fired.”
— Talking about his days in Kansas City when he was not in favor with owner Ewing Kauffman. When Herzog’s Royals finished three games off the pace in 1979 after three straight division titles, he was dismissed.

“Where the hell you been? I got trades to make.”
— Herzog to a Post-Dispatch reporter in December 1980, in a Dallas hotel lobby. Herzog, who had just taken over as the Cardinals’ general manager, either acquired or sent away 25 players in the next four days at baseball’s winter meetings. “Everybody thought I was crazy.”

“He’s another Baby Ruth.”
— Analysis of the June 1984 day in Chicago when Cubs second baseman Ryan Sandberg hit two home runs off relief ace Bruce Sutter in the same game.


Too Big to Fail said...


N Iowa has beaten
Big 12
Little 10

Already this season

Now I understand why the big schools cower at the sight of the MVC schools.

Of-course the Bigs are Too Big to Fail, so they shouldn't play them. (unless they can rig the game)

Arch Madness said...

Whitey goes to the MVC tourney every year.

Anonymous said...

I guess the MVC should schedule some more Big Ten teams if that is what you are getting at Too Big? Are you saying the MVC should have 5-6 teams get an automatic bid in the field of 65?

Good luck with that.
Congrats to Whitey. Should have had two World Series trophies.

Anonymous said...

Dear TBTF:

Please bring us up to date on MVC success in March, when it counts. In the mean time, enough with the conspiracy theory.

By the way, what is the MVC-A 10 count? Is the A 10 a victim of an MVC conspiracy?

Does ANYONE CARE outside of Cedar Falls?

More importantly, Whitey still rocks.

Anonymous said...

Look up the numbers yourself genius.

Big ten cowards won't schedule them even after they gave their word.

Too Big to Fail said...

MVC in March based on % of teams that make it to Sweet 16 is tops. A couple of years ago they were # 1 for a 5 year span, even better than the ACC.

It was in the paper.

This attitude of the bigs or elites invades our lives in other ways and we end up in the finacial mess we are in now, and created the disaster that is eventually coming our way.
Probably sooner rather than later.

Dow 5000

Anonymous said...

I looked up the numbers. The last time an MVC team was in the Final Four was 1979. No one remembers who was in the Sweet 16.

So if I have this straight, if all of the Big Ten teams play all of their games on MVC courts, and all of the MVC teams make the tournament then the economy will turn around.

Sending this to the WSJ so we can get things turned around by lunch tomorrow.

If only Bernanke was so wise.

If this is not correct we should all be buying leveraged down Dow ETFs?

By the way, mid majors like Butler and Gonzaga are fun to watch. They have great programs.

James Naismith

Anonymous said...

TBTF, Have any made it to the final four or Championship game in that span? Didn't think so. Never knew that college athletic conferences had such a stranglehold on our economy.

Anonymous said...

If you don't get it, you don't get it.

Anonymous said...

This shouldn't even be a debate. The MVC does not even compare to the Big 10. Check with any college basketball analyst out there. Good luck in the NIT MVC teams.

Anonymous said...

You prove it one the court coward.

Bradley said...

On the court.

Get it?

U of I doesn't have the basketballs to play ISU.

Not Fair said...

It was not fair that Illinois had to play Bradley on a neutral court with neutral officials.

If the game was played at the Assembly Hall with Big Ten refs, Illinois would have blown Bradley out.

So it doesn't count.

It wasn't fair.

Anonymous said...

Illini have beaten two top 25 teams this week and should be ranked next week.

Bradley is not better than Illinois.

Bradley is the 5th or 6th team in the MVC and the MVC stinks!

Bradley said...


The Chief said...

The Illini were ranked 20th earlier this year and will be ranked higher than that soon.

Anonymous said...


I agree with the chief

Illinois deserves to be ranked

Even though they lost to the 6th team in the MVC

That's just an anomoly

Illini Rules!

Bradley said...


Anonymous said...

We'll see where Illinois is in March and where Bradley is. I'm guessing the Braves won't even make the NIT. And I'm betting Illinois is at least a 4 seed in the NCAA tourney.

Also, Bradley did look good the other night at home against Western Carolina. Ouch! And while Bradley was playing them, Illinois was winning at Clemson, a ranked team, and against Vandy, another ranked team.

Bradley said...


Scoreboard said...

Bradley 72
Illinois 68

Anonymous said...

Big Ten 1

The proof is in the pudding.

The Redbirds will play Illini any place anytime.

Redbird Man

Anonymous said...

Bring on the Birds, Salukis, Braves!

Anonymous said...

Credit where credit is due: winning games is what hoops is all about. Games in November and December can count if a team is on the cusp, up or down, in March.

Hats off to the MVC fans for their passion. You need it since there isn't much else to cheer about: no Nobel Prizes or similar awards. You just can't get there in March, to the big dance, when there are four teams left.

Why would a BCS conference play in a MVC arena? To get half of the gate? That's half of the gate that is half of the gate from a home game? Come on folks.

Good squads, Butler and Gonzaga, do it right. Until you get good, year in year out, you are up against it.

And what about the A 10? Why won't MVC teams play them every week?

Try again.

James Naismith

Anonymous said...

God helps those who help themselves........................................

Anonymous said...

Hey genius,

You ever heard of Buckminster Fuller?

Don't they hand out Nobel's for things you might do in the future anyway?

And to economists who have created this debt loop we are in, which is actually a Doom Loop!

Just remember,
Cowards shouldn't brag about how tuff they are if they're not willing to fight.

Anonymous said...

Please explain the debt loop in more detail.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked my opinion on the HC bill and I ended up explaining the debt loop. I'm not sure how good of an explanation it is because I wrote it in a hurry. I will post it anyway. Hopefully it is clear enough.

Debt Loop said...

I haven't been following the healthcare bill too closely because those politicians enrage me.

It will probably work out nicely for the insurance companies since they own several politicians.

In order to keep our fiat money pyramid scheme going, more and more money has to be borrowed each year.

If not, it eventually becomes impossible for those who borrowed in the past to pay in the future.

This is because when a debt is paid that money no longer exists. But when money is borrowed, it magically appears out of thin air.

Our Money is Debt.

In order to pay the interest on past debts more money must be borrowed each year than in the previous year.

It is a Debt Loop.
Really, it is a Doom Loop.

Since consumers are starting to show some signs of prudence and sanity, it is up to the gov't to continue the borrowing bonanza.

In my opinion it would be better to spend the money on health care and roads than on unnecessary wars.

Money has to be created out of thing air and then immediately borrowed or the system will collapse.

Why not spend it on health care?

Debt Loop said...

This paragraph is unclear.

"In order to pay the interest on past debts more money must be borrowed each year than in the previous year."

It doesn't have to be the original debtor who borrows more money, just someone/anyone or something has to borrow more money in the future so that the extra money to pay the interest is in the system.

The interest is more important than the principal, the interest must be paid.

Maybe a U of I grad could explain it clearer.

That's as good as I can do with the amount of typing I am willing to do.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are right Naismith. Like most things it's all about the money. The truth hurts.

Redbird Man

Anonymous said...

Debt loop - please quit asking yourself questions!


Anonymous said...

Illini was # 20 when Bradley beat them.

Anonymous said...


Never stop asking questions.


Keep your head in the sand.

In the your sand ISU is better than Illini in BB, right?

I don't think so.


Studying Saints said...

Be humble like Mary so that you can be holy like Jesus.

Blessed Mother Teresa

Anonymous said...

“We live in a sensate age. We are no longer governed by Faith, we are no longer governed by reason. We are governed by feelings.” ----Archbishop Fulton Sheen, 1974

RM said...

He who desires anything but God deceives himself, and he who loves anything but God errs miserably.

St. Philip Neri

Anonymous said...

Note to self: please add the MAAC to the A 10 to the list of conferences that now own the MVC.

Dr. James N

Anonymous said...

The MAAC and the A 10...where will it stop?

Anonymous said...

TBTF, BRADLEY, and all the other MVC teams. Bradley lost at home to Loyola. Enough said....

Too easy, Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bradley said...


Anonymous said...

Note to Basketball Wizard Naismith: Add Mountain West to conferences to MVC dominates.


Anonymous said...

So far Bradley is the state champ.

You won't be National Champs if you are too scared to be State Champs!

Anonymous said...

Dominates? One win is domination?

Is the worldwide domination that the MVC has attained the reason the decent coaches all leave for jobs with schools in the dominated conferences?

Let's start with Painter, Stallings, Weber, Turgeon...the list goes on.

The Wizard

Anonymous said...

Former MVC Coaches for $100:


How many more are there? Now why don't they want to stay?

Maybe the Big Ten schools should shut down so all of the bright students can attend MVC schools?

Phog Allen

Anonymous said...

Now that the MVC is poised for world domination I wonder why so many coaches flee the conference: Stallings, Turgeon, Alford...the list goes on.

Hank Iba

Anonymous said...

SIU coach turned down the Michigan job

Creighton coach turned down major jobs

but they got paid to stay


Anonymous said...


MVC wins MVC-Mountain West challenge 5-4, not domination but a win nonetheless.

Why do MVC coaches leave? Same reason Bartow, Kruger and Self left Illinois...

Al McGuire

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