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Friday, December 25, 2009

Great Moments in Kenny and Dolly Dole Out Christmas

Here's a retread from 2006

This album from 1984, when Kenny & Dolly worked together to bring a very Merry Christmas to their many fans. Kenny and Dolly look very merry indeed in this album cover.

Here's a little story I found about Kenny

I remember the day I first met Kenny Rogers like it was yesterday. I arrived to take Kenny from a large meeting of corporate executives to his press interviews on behalf of Dole Pineapple. I slipped in the door, intending to stay in the back until Kenny was ready to go. Kenny saw me come in, stopped the meeting with the Dole CEO and approached to shake my hand, "I'm Kenny Rogers." This was just one example of the way Kenny Rogers treated everyone with respect and made them feel that they mattered. He sent a powerful message that he valued others, from CEOs to press assistants.

Here's a clip from Kenny & Dolly singing "Winter Wonderland". Merry Christmas to All you good people from Wapella from Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, and the entire staff of Dole Pineapple and


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EEP said...


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no we don't agree. stop stirring up nonsense. enjoy kenny and dolly.

Anonymous said...

What else? “New Home Sales Drop 11.3% As Impact of Stimulus Fades,” says the WSJ.

Ah ha! Just as we’ve been saying. The ‘recovery’ is a fraud…it’s just hot money from the feds bubbling up the figures. Take away the hot money and the market goes cold.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ah Ha,

In case you have not noticed, certain socio-economic groups can no longer get loans. The Clinton program, where every brother gets a house then someone else pays for it, is over. Thank goodness. It is unfortunate that tax payers have to pay the freight on this. But it is part of the Demo plan to redistribute wealth. Well comrades, the brothers can't/won't back to the drawing board.


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you don't get, do you?

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