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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hazard of Satellite Radio

If you don't have Satellite Radio take this as a word of warning, it can wear you out with the Outlaw Country, 70's Pop, and hundreds of other format choices. One can get a song in one's noggin and not shake it for a week or two. On the other hand, one might find himself shaking it for no apparent reason other than the song in one's head.

Such is the case with "Feeling Single, Seeing Double" by Emmylou Harris, today's Friday Pick. If you're like me, and who isn't these days, you would have dismissed Emmylou as some kind of resentful hippy version of Dolly Parton, without Dolly's broad humor and career success. Like me, you would be wrong, because Emmylou can let it rip with the best of them, in this case, surpassing all but the best of Dolly Parton's carrer. Here's Birmingham's own Emmylou Harris with her version of "Feeling Single, Seeing Double".

Good song, scratchy video, and for 2 points, who had the original hit with "Feeling Single, Seeing Double"? Three-pointer if you know what was the follow up to this song from Gary Stewart.

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Anonymous said...

M. Rabbe would be played by the late David Carradine.


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