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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Diamonds from Farmer City: Don and Mary Olson

From the Catholic Post

FARMER CITY — When Don Olson drove Mary Brown home on the rainy night they met as teenagers 77 years ago, his car got stuck in mud on the long lane leading to her parents’ farm house in rural Weldon.

“We walked the rest of the way,” recalls Don.

“Mom was still up,” said Mary, continuing the opening chapter of a remarkable love story.

“She was baking bread — oh, it smelled so good,” continued Mary, still enjoying its aroma eight decades later.

New love was also in the air that night.

Don would leave his car in the mud, walking all the way back to his parents’ home in town.

But he and Mary, now both 93, have been stuck on each other ever since.

On July 31, the couple will mark their 75th wedding anniversary, recalling the hot summer day in 1934 when they were married in the former St. Michael’s Church in Weldon.

The church has long since closed. There are no photographs from the occasion. Weddings were a lot simpler then, said Mary, noting the couple had to arrange to pick up the pastor, Father Flynn, from nearby Wapella.

What the wedding lacked in frills modern brides and grooms have come to expect, it more than made up in effectiveness. The Olsons are among the longest married couples in the Diocese of Peoria.

The Olsons still reside in the tidy, white ranch Farmer City home to which they retired 30 years ago after a career in farming and the raising of their two sons, Gene and Lawrence (Shorty!). A house blessing done as a welcome by Msgr. C. B. Motsett, former pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Farmer City, was apparently as powerful as the marriage blessing administered by Father Flynn.

Editor’s note — Readers wishing to send a note of congratulations to the Olsons may write to them at 512 E. Water St., Farmer City, 61842.

Congrats to Don and Mary and all the Olson family! Can anyone from the Olson family insert Cecil Brown into the above story?

Is St. Michaels still standing?


Anonymous said...

Heartiest congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Olson. What a milestone. The world is filled with solid folks like this who take care of business every day, raise families and keep the faith. They don't get any play because they are responsible. Let's encourage more of this and less yahoo-ism.

Never heard of St. Michael's.



Anonymous said...

Ditto on Mr. and Mrs. Olson.....could they help Shorty run that circular saw.....he would not be able to fill in for Siskel and Ebert with that thumb injury......congrats to Olson's bbd

Anonymous said...

Is Roger still tight with the Colonel?


Unknown said...

Not sure what you are looking for on inserting Cecil Brown in the equation, but he was a sister to Mary Olson. We were neighbors with Cecil, Ruth, Herb, and Phil, growing up west of Wapella, in the 1950's Had some great times playing baseball in cow pasture's.
Butch Green

Anonymous said...

Well it's sweeps week, and always get its ratings up by mentioning the great Cecil Brown.

Cecil is a big draw.

Anonymous said...

Cecil kept a sway-backed horse at his place in the 70s. Gene Whitted, WHS 79, got me some work scooping the barn out on a nasty day. Cecil offered moral support.

Was Mr. Ed that nasty?


Anonymous said...

I am a neice of Mary & Don Olson. They have always been so in love. I admired them so when I was a youngster and I still do.Your story brings inspiration to everyone. Congratulations Uncle Don and Aunt Mary. Love and Affection from Kaye and Sam.

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