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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alert Reader Notices Farmer City Memorabilia

One of the top benefits of managing the massive correspondance for is the chance email from alert readers bringing news items into the Hog City Orbit.

Here's one from a Waukegan Bulldog (or possibly a Waukegan West Raider Update! - although a Waukegan native, the tipster is a Carmel Corsair - Carmel High School in Mundelein, now named Carmel Catholic High School) who noted a Farmer City basketball uniform on a Hallmark Humor page. The reader, a Wapella enthusiast with a knack for finding Central Illinois in the darndest places, let rip this bit of ribald humor

It’s your birthday!
Do something that
makes you happy.
Take Bill, for example.
He enjoyed holding
both balls
Happy Birthday!

and the laughs ensued, Hallmark Style.

The kicker is, our contributor has visited Wapella not once, but twice, and offered a challenge to our readers. Has anyone else from Waukegan been a repeat visitor to Wapella?


Anonymous said...

Was it Frosty Rosty, visiting The Moderator for a big Dem love fest? Or was it Jack Benny?


Anonymous said...

Farmer City, isn't that a big store where all of the hayseeds shop?

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Anonymous said...

It's Fundelein, if you have ever been there, you bag of toast.

Anonymous said...

Bag of toast? I prefer a Bag of Bagels, if you would.

Henny Youngman

Anonymous said...

Waukegan rules! Why you ask - 1. it kind of sounds like Wapella 2. Jack Benny = top quality entertainer 3. almost home of Illini tailgunner Johnnie Johnson


Anonymous said...

Johnson was the best tight end who ever played qb at UIUC.

Lou Tepper

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of Waukegan visitors to our wonderful village. I'm not sure about the Waukegan repeat visitors question.

Any wildcats married or related to Waukegan natives?

Wapella Tourism Bureau

Anonymous said...

Didn't Steve Dahl question the mating habits of Waukegan residents at one time?

Why no response to the Frosty Rosty post?

Corky Calhoun

Anonymous said...

What about the great Scott Weaver Vs. Johnny Johnson qb controversy? Talk about a bad Illinois offense with a great defense.


Anonymous said...

Scott Weaver, not Beaver Falls' greatest QB.

JW Namath

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