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Monday, January 5, 2009

No Matter How Hard We Try, Cannot Stay out of Politics

Governor Blagojevich is certainly a controversial politcian, full of hijinks and michief, but we at are not sure how a sensible person can judge his latest move. Sure Ray Burris was decent pitcher, and at 6ft 5in, a towering Cub in his day.

Is that enough to qualify him as Senator? Some so no, but is going on record as supporting Ray Burris for Senate. His lifetime 4.17 ERA was not to shabby, his 15-10 record in 1975 for a medicore Cubs team was solid (and better than Steve Stone's 12-8 record). So how about it Hog City? Will Wapella support Betram "Ray" Burris for Senate?


Anonymous said...

One vote for Robbie Burris for senator.

Most of my admirers these days are 85+ yrs old.

spread the red,

Anonymous said...

If Ray can't serve can Lee Smith run for the seat?


Anonymous said...

Rob Burris, Ray Burris, Roland Burris...the way it looks now, none of them will be making it into the U.S. Senate without a fight. Harry Reid is doing his best "George Wallace at the schoolhouse door" imitation, denying Roland's entrance into the Senate chamber.

If Blago's Burris nomination isn't being considered legit, then how is any other State of IL business this Gov. is currently conducting being considered legitimate? It is legal for the sitting IL Gov. to appoint a person to fill the upcoming vacant U.S. Senate seat. Why will IL be holding a special election, signed off on by Blago, btw, to fill Rahm Emanuel's Congressional seat, while refusing to hold a special election to fill Obama's Senate seat, or even allow Burris' appointment?

Gotta hand it to Illinois/Chicago Democrat Machine Pols...they are at least consistent in their inconsistency. This whole fiasco, and all the grandstanding going along with it, is pathetic. Why isn't Sec. of State White signing off on Burris' nomination? What/who is stopping White from doing his job? Gov. Blago is innocent until proven guilty, isn't he? His appointment of Burris is legal, isn't it?

Why won't Reid allow Burris to be seated? WHO is behind all of these maneuverings and machinations? Wonder if all of this is happening because Mr. Obama doesn't want Burris to replace him????

The very best part of all of this is that Burris is refusing to just "quietly go away." :-)

Watching it all with bemused interest...


Anonymous said...

Obama is in Hawaii, Emanuel is in Africa on "safari", and Ray Burris looks better than ever for Senate.

Anonymous said...

Panem et Circensis!

Anonymous said...

What is prudence in the conduct of every private family, can scarce be folly in that of a great kingdom.

Anonymous said...

We'd like to endorse Roland for the vacant Illinois senate seat. He was always good to us.

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