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Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Cold in Wapella, Saskatchewan but it's colder in Wapella, Illinois

The Team at occasionally gets a misdirected email headed for Canada to our sister village, mighty Wapella, Saskatchewan (population 354) it is no matter to check on the weather in the Great White North, today humming in at 15F topping Hog City by 8 degrees, with homebase at a whopping 7 today headed to -15 tonight.

It is not often that we in Wapella are colder than a Canadian, so a tribute to our friends here is a note from the Wapella Jubilee, a Canadian Pacific passenger train, pictured here in watercolor, with a bit of history

"In the summer of 1955, ten passenger trains passed through Wapella during a week day, five trains in either direction, but
only three, in each direction would stop.

02:29 eastbound No 18 carrying express and mail (old No 2).
03:00 westbound No 1 “The Canadian”, no stop
03:51 westbound No 17 carrying express and mail (old No 1).
06:55 eastbound No 2 “The Canadian”, no stop
08:32 eastbound No 54 The Broadview-Brandon “Local”, daily except Sunday
12:35 eastbound No 6 (known locally as “The Advanced Dominion”), no stop
13:18 eastbound No 8 “The Dominion” stops to detrain from Regina and west and entrain for Winnipeg and east
15:00 westbound No 5 (known locally as “The Advanced Dominion”), no stop
15:52 westbound No 7 “The Dominion” stops to entrain revenue passengers for Regina and west and to detrain
revenue passengers from Winnipeg and east
19:34 westbound No 53 The Brandon-Broadview “Local”, daily except Sunday"

Keep the train rolling with Roy Acuff and Bashful Brother Oswald on the Dobro doing "Wabash Cannon Ball" on the Porter Wagoner Show.


Anonymous said...

This is an outstanding post and what keeps me coming back to for more original content. It's about time someone saluted our brothers to the north in an appropriate way. And the added bonus of Roy Acuff and company sweetens the pot.

When will our Iowan neighbors in Wapello be featured? I filled my tank there in the 1980s.

From -19 F (this morning) HoosierLand,


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to our brothers and sisters in the Big Country. I'll wager that neither Wapella, Sask or Wapello, IA have the quantity or quality of characters per capita of Hog City.


Anonymous said...

Google the sean holland band.

Notice the hog city coralation?

Anonymous said...

Indeed. There is a Jerry Reed tribute!


Anonymous said...

My goodness we need a sister city...and need to figure out my way to celebrate our sisterhood....send them our battle flag? covered dish? traveling pants?...

HG - what do you mean you filled your tank in Wapello IA?


Anonymous said...

bbd--indeed we need a sister city. Next up we will need a poet laureate.

If you've had your tank filled in Wapello, IA, you know what I mean. Otherwise, you'll have to make the trip there to find out.


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