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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Last Hotel, The Taylor Magill makes its stand

For my money (or I suppose I would rather it not be my money), the Taylor Magill Hotel is one of the great hotels of DeWitt County. From 1873 here is a bit of background

Magill House: This is an establishment of which the people of Clinton may well be proud, being one of the finest, largest, and best arranged hotels in Central Illinois. It was constructed by the Magill Brothers, at a cost of $35,000, the first work being done in 1871, and completed in 1872. It is a brick structure, three stories high, besides the basement, and covers half a block. The rooms are large and airy, being forty-five in number, besides three store rooms on the first floor. It is situated just north of the square, fronting on Center Street. The building was originally heated by hot air, the furnaces being situated in the basement. This mode of heating was soon abandoned on account of the expense being too great for the income of the house. The dining room, billiard room, and halls, are large and commodious. The basement is now utilized for a laundry. A. W. Razey is the present efficient landlord. There are two other hotels in the city, the Clinton House, currently inhabited by a gaggle of goons, and the City Hotel. Both are situated on Center Street, a little north of the Magill House.

The hotel is not in the greatest shape of its career, but the crafty veteran may have some life left in it. I think everyone in Hog City would like to see the billiard hall open up again.

There is probably some more news (commenters!) about the Magill House, but what a good time for some Friday afternoon rock and roll with a topical song by the Len Price 3, "The Last Hotel".


Anonymous said...

Why are you discussing Clinton hotels on No hotels in Hog City, the town of high action and adventure?

Clinton Rules!

Anonymous said...

How do you spell. Magill or Macgill

ATD said...

Well, we can tell it is January for all Hog City's
Children,someone is wondering how to spell. "The more things change, the more they stay the same."
I suggest we spell it MaGill as in Taylor-MaGill Hotel.
Hope you all warm up soon.

JBP said...

Glad we got that straight. Fixed the copy now.

Anonymous said...

The Magill House had the best bacon and eggs for Sunday Breakfast. Mmm...Mmm...Mmm...Sorry Three Starts (though I like their Greek omlete).


Anonymous said...

Ok let's talk about Hog City hotels.....has anyone been in Sarge's house. I've only been in the front area on some cold many rooms are in that house...what years was it open...was there others besides Woolen's house? bbd

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