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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sharpen Your Image and Improve Your Looks

Advertisers continue to flood, driving sales revenues to high ground. Today we welcome, Rabbits' Barber Shop on Main Street in Wapella. Rabbit Crum delivers the latest haircutting to Wapella with little fuss and much flair.


Anonymous said...

Anyone remember "Rabbit's" first name?

Anonymous said...

The ad actually indicates it's "Rabbits' " shop. This seemingly innocuous use of the plural possessive suggests a mystery. Did multiple Rabbits exist? After all, the ad was likely placed by the owner(s).

Awaiting enlightenment in the darkness of Michiana,


Anonymous said...

Watch out, HG. Your search for "enlightenment" may result in another long-winded "anon" post lamenting the futility of life, the hopelessness of our existence, and the irrelevancy of "Rabbit Crum" questions in a dark world...

Just teasing you, HG. Good question about the plural possessive..."multiple rabbits" is kind of a given, seeing as how rabbits are known to profligately procreate. Multiple "Rabbits," on the other hand? Maybe...or it could just have been an error on the part of the typesetter. A mystery, indeed. ;-)


Anonymous said...

There was one rabbit, Ivan Crum. Bill Morris was a regular customer. Had two daughters, Elizabeth (Wickenhauser), Helen (Snodgrass) and son Buster. All are now deceased.

Anonymous said...

The multiple rabbit theory explains much. Could a lone rabbit have been responsible for all those harecuts?

Anonymous said...

N. of Wapella,

Outstanding pun.


vptrox said...

A correction or two. The oldest of three daughters was named Glenna. The boy's name was Bill. I think Buster was Minnie's brother, but could easily be wrong. It's been a long time.

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