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Friday, August 22, 2008

Glen's Back! New Glen Campbell Album Released

Just when you thought you'd heard it all, one of the greats of Country and Pop music is back with a new album "Meet Glen Campbell (Again)".

Glen sings some (not all the new anymore) newer songs from the likes of the Foo Fighters and the Replacements and plays the guitar like only Glen Campbell can.

Buy it here if you like

HT: HG for pulling this one out.

Here's Glen doing an mournful old favorite "Dreams of an everyday housewife" with a full fledged orchestra from 30 years ago.


Anonymous said...

I say we salute the great state of Minnesota.

Can we get some Husker Du up in the house for our friend who posted in The Warner thread, who is from St. Henry, MN? Maybe some Replacements for my extended family from Minneapolis? (The RYAN's and GIBBONS's)

The Jayhawks? Prince? Morris Day? Soul Asylum?

Anonymous said...

I love the Nordic rock as much as anyone, but would not like to see Glen's sweet thunder diminished.


Anonymous said...

Can you show him singing the new songs?

Anonymous said...

NBC's olympic coverage sucks!

It should not take more than 30 seconds to find out what time a basketball game starts.
I have no idea if the game starts at 2:30 am or p.m. or any time. I think it starts at 1:30 am sunday our time, but I really don't know for sure.

The Netherlands field hock team is watch-able.

The best thing about the Olympics is the Australian Women's Basketball Team's Uniforms.

Anonymous said...

eep -

Morris Day is from Springfield IL. I'm not sure when he moved to the land of Bud Grant. bbd

Anonymous said...

bbd - since you are a former res of Springfield, I'll trust you on that, but M.D. and The Time were definitely a Minneapolis band. I'm pretty sure they didn't perfect "Jungle Love" to crowds at Big Al's.

Advice for today: Go on ebay/iTunes/wherever and buy a copy of The Marked Men's "Fix My Brain." Perfect combo of early Who and Herman's Hermits.

Anonymous said...

What are the music experts opinions on Flogging Molly?

Are they worth spending money on an entire album?

Anonymous said...

Flogging Molly are *OK*. Pretty good, actually, but if you don't own anything by The Pogues, that's who FM are doing a poor imitation of. Buy The 1st 5 Pogues records if you don't have them.

For the Irish/Celtic punk band "fix" there are better bands to check out:

Dropkick Murphys
The Tossers
Blood or Whiskey

If you do buy a Flogging Molly record, though, I'd suggest Drunken Lullabies as the first one to buy, or send me your address and I'll burn you a copy of their first three albums for free. Better than spending cash on them.

Anonymous said...

EEP you are the best!

Has anyone ever pointed out the resemblance between Deron Williams and your coolness?

Anonymous said...

Censored Before said...

This was actually censored on this site?
What does that say about you people?

The topic is Glen Campbell. If you want to yammer on one of your boring ninny rants, please go over to the Pantagraph and post there, along with the other boring ninnies.

I will gladly remove posts that violate the strict terms of service of


Anonymous said...


The topic is Glen, and I for one have been humming his tunes for a few days now since being re-introduced to his California Beach/Oklahoma music combo. And his hair is great! The Goodtime Hour was a winner as well.

If the quality of the censored post was comparable to some of those that have been sneaking in, I am in full support of the Moderator! Moderate and Modulate away!


Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly, Anon.

Never have been compared to Deron Williams, but have often been compared to Anson Williams....

Anonymous said...

EEP would have been able to make a Trey in the Edward Jones Dome unlike Mr. misspelled name.

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