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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Press Release from L&M Enterprises

L&M Enterprises, one of the leading agricultural operations in DeWitt County in the 20th century, would like to congratulate Lawrence and Bernadine Toohill on 50 years of marriage. Bernadine nee North wed Lawrence Patrick Toohill resulting in 50 years of excitement, adventure and various trips to Wapella, Heyworth, and St. Louis.

A reception will be held today in Wapella, with all Toohills, villagers, and customers of L&M Enterprises welcomed. Residents of Wapella are notified to expect extra Toohills in the village and take appropriate measures to welcome them to Hog City

L&M Enterprises is a registered Illinois corporation. No portion of this message is a solicitation to sell securities or purchase livestock. The information is not warranted as to completeness or accuracy, nor does it serve as an official record of your invitation. Your official Lawrence and Bernadine invitation may be sent by alternate media, or there may be no invitation at all. L&M Enterprises does not warrant ancillary events unassociated with L&M. This has been a paid commercial announcement from L&M Enterprises.


Anonymous said...

I had lunch with Lawrence the other day at the Green Ring and the topic of discussion was none other than Cardinals baseball. What a pleasure to chat with him...fine, fine people. Congratulations to you both.

Anonymous said...

Congradt to the Toohills. But it doesn't seem that long. Enjoy your day. George Spray

Sarge said...


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