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Friday, August 8, 2008

Check Your Bets: Cards vs. Cub in the Summer Classic

Nothing better than taking an early Friday Afternoon out at the Ball Park with the greatest rivalry in sports history (excluding the Kickapoo conference, of course). Wrigley today 1:20 PM Looper vs. Lilly, see you there.

Here's John Fogerty with a nostalgic song from his comeback album Centerfield in 1985. Kind of odd to have a comeback when you are only 40, but he was 12 years out of the business at that time, closing CCR at age 28,


Anonymous said...

Myself, along with a couple other notable Wapella folks took our kids up for the game on the train. It was a long long day and while our Cards did not persevere, we still enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Amtrak 3 - JMK 2

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is definitely true... I am "2 for 3" when it comes to using Amtrak services. I took the train all three time up to Chicago, but only returned home on it twice, thanks to some shennanigans on the part of step brother DT & and a couple of Clinton Maroonies.... I suppose looking back now I can laugh, I sure couldn't when it happened.

Anonymous said...

Some good baseball in the city this weekend. Besides the Cubs and Cards, the Red Sox are playing the White Sox in the Hosiery Series (to determine which color of footwear is superior).

Of these four good teams, the Cubs have the best won-loss record.

Anonymous said...


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