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Monday, July 23, 2007

WHS 1982 Stands United

Like getting the Arabs and the Israeli's to stop their squabbling was how many have described it...1982 Power Brokers AJ Weinheimer and Rose Toohill have settled 25 years of smackdowns to formally announce:

WHS 1982 Class Reunion
At the Irish Circle
Saturday August 4, 2007 at 6:30PM

Any and all WHS Grads are invited.

What settled it? Quoting Rose "I was talking with Al on my car phone and Foreigner's "Dirty White Boy" came on the radio. As it happened Al was also listening to Dirty White Boy on the same station in his car. I realized we both are looking for the same thing: good rock and roll and some conversation with old friends. Says Al, "I always liked Rose, and will support her to the bitter end, as long as Foreigner is on the Radio"

Thanks to Al and Rose for volunteering to buy the first two rounds for all who attend.


Anonymous said...

Is this Wapallooza night as well. This has the makings of a 'special' night for so many '82 graduates that experienced this special time.

Anonymous said...

I thought the reunion was in San Jose?

Anonymous said...

After party at the Dixie?


Anonymous said...

Where did Al find the All Foreigner, All of the Time network on the radio?


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