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Monday, July 23, 2007

Along Came Jones

Some say he is the greatest country singer of all time, some say he is the greatest singer of all time, some say he is just the greatest. Here is a find from YouTube of Green Ring favorite George Jones circa 1968 going wild on "The Race is On". George's haircut is still a flatop in those hairy days, his band is starting to grow out a bit. A special treat, Porter Wagoner is the host and Dolly Parton shows up at the closing credits


Anonymous said...

In the words of one R.L. Mills... "Quite possibly the greatest country and western singer to ever walk the face of the earth...." That is, next to Conway Twitty of course. That ones for you Bradley! Brad and R.L. would argue about this for hours on end over cold frosty ones at said Green Ring.

Anonymous said...

Good call, JMK. When I think of George Jones, I think of R.L. Mills.

Cheers to George Jones, quite possibly the finest C&W singer to ever walk the earth, and to Ronnie Mills, quite possibly the finest mushroom hunter/tavern proprietor to ever walk the face of the earth. Kudos, fellas.

Anonymous said...

i have been a George Jones fan my whole life. He was country when country wasn't cool.

as much as i love George. uncle toms dairy cow tribute of "he stopped milking her today" is pretty good.

ps uncle matt my Buck Owens does not sound like George Jones. your Dwight sounds like elton john

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, right after George had a little accident, we stopped at the Steak 'n Shake in Franklin, TN, on the way to Hog City. As my daughters and I were leaving we saw a black Lexus SUV pull up to the curb. An employee brought out a bag. The driver: The Possum. He gave us a smile and exited.

Proof that Country/Western stars love steakburgers.


Anonymous said...

I always thought George Jones looked like Ben Whitted.

Of course I also think Mr. Beef Toohill sounds like a cross between Tom T. Hall and Father Bob Hoffman!

Anonymous said...

oh sure hide behind the "anonymous"

Father Bob had a great voice and your feet look like his in sandle how you like that brother?

Anonymous said...

R.L here, you can see me at the irish circle on sunday for a special autograph signing starting at 4 pm. all for the low cost of 1 old milwaukee light per signing. see ya there!

Moderator said...

Hey Jones fans,

Is that guy singing harmony Johnny Paycheck? The word on the street is that Johnny was the harmonizer in GJ's band around this time.

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