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Sunday, July 15, 2007 Mourns Everett Baker mourns the passing of Everett Baker at age 81. Baker, a Wapella original, was employed at a variety of Central Illinois Enterprises, and worked in many farm operations. He is survived by his sons Wayne, Rick, and Randy and daughter Linda, all Wapella Wildcats.


Anonymous said...

I was Everett's paper boy for many years. Everett had a massive garden, was a proud father, and loved the state fair. I think that he would take the week off to celebrate the state's finest event. Everett was at his best at fair time and greeted many young Hog City garbage pickers on Springfield Joad-style work detail (myself included) with a Hog City greeting that would have made Bill Morris proud.

RIP Mr. Baker. bbd

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Everett. One of Hog City's classics, and one that raised four top-notch Wildcats.

dj said...

Everett was without a doubt, one of the best guys I knew as a kid. I worked with him every summer at my dad's dealership. I had more fun joking around with Everett than I did with guys my own age. He taught me a lot about farm machinery and did a great job of keeping me in line. (he taught me a lot of dirty jokes and how to chew tobacco too:)) I had a lot of fun with Everett and think about him often, My very best wishes to his family..

--Dave Johnson

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