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Saturday, March 29, 2008

NCAA Requests that Bow Out

The NCAA has submitted a formal proposal to requesting that Hog City's independent source of sports information refrain from endorsing NCAA Basketball Tournament participants. The request comes after the our failed support of the Illinois, Illinois State, Notre Dame and Wisconsin programs, prompting the proposal to step aside from our endorsements. It is not clear if the remaining 12 teams asked the NCAA for the proposal, but the imminent endorsement of Davidson is said to have prompted the intrevention.


Anonymous said...

The NCAA cannot stop Wapella from endorsing a new team. Does rock - chalk have anyone that can guard Curry? May need their hatchet man. Kansas Cat has some eligibility.


JB Powers said...


I think the spelling you are looking for is "Curi", one of the great 5 ft 8 inch shooting guards in the west suburbs.


dit said...

I've heard that RC has some game & his parents would make excellent referees.


redBird said...

My wife and my boss are forcing me to voluntarily go into rehab.

No hard feelings.

I bid you all a fond farewell,


Interventions are no fun for anyone!

JB Powers said...


I will gladly remove your meandering poetry if that keeps you out of the jackpot.

Stay Cool,

Anonymous said...



The Englishman is funny, he makes me laugh.

The Irishman is witty, he makes me think.

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