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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Big Claw Connection to Wapella

Two "gentlemen" from Glen Elyn created a disturbance in McLean County this weekend, with their unauthorized use of "the claw".

In town to visit Grandmother Sharon Bray Ryan for Easter, tag team duo the Shadowmasters...Baron Von Ryan Curi and Yukon Casey Curi.

Be sure to duck if you see them, and swing for the fences if you don't.


Anonymous said...

Since when does post pictures of developmentally disabled teens grooming each other in their uniquely backward, yet touching style? This is not "the claw", but "the fishbone". It is used by them to groom and remove mites and small insects that the other then eats. The act is then reciprocated. This photo should have been posted on National Geographic.
Kansas Cat

mypantsareonfire! said...

Has their father taught them the traditional Curi denim lighting ritual yet?

Anonymous said...

I think the Free Stater has spent too much time with Dr. Paul in Champaign. He is obsessed with grooming.

Where can you find a good sleeper hold these days?


Anonymous said...

So the Free Stater and the Fire Starter are in the same family?

? said...


Anonymous said...

Fire starter is Free Stater's late uncle. He claims to have had the hottest fire in Wilson Twp history. Not much competition for this title.

Free Stater is a Butler fan, for all of you mid major fans. Do the research. Go Pac.


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