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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Living in Illinois History

If your'e anything like most Wildcats there's nothing better to do on a long winter's weekend than catch up on your Wapella history. Topping off my own weekend, was trip to Hanover, Illinois, the former Wapella (or Wapello, depending on who you ask) Illinois. The village is high in the hills of Northwest, Illinois in Jo Davies County, a contemporary neighbor to the 1840's metropolis of Galena.

There is actually a resort hotel in Hanover, with bike trails, ski-ing and a few restaurants and watering holes. The town itself resembles Hog City in its might and architectural zeal, though Senator Stevenson (who possesses the keys to the city, per the Village Website) mayhave forgot to lock up a time or two, nothing much is missing.

Though Hanover was not able to keep up with the rail center in Wapella, and gave up on the duplicate names, it is still a great village. I heartily reommend a trip up there for high action winter sports.

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