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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Salutes to Wapella Business

Wildcats are well known for their ferocity on the playing field as well as in the business world, yet somehow the Cats can always deliver the speed and defense necessary to compete in the big leagues, as well as on the home court of DeWitt County.

Take for example the following enterprises

Click on through and you will notice Blue Skies Tax Professionals headed up by Martin A. Morris, WHS '84, and a well known civic minded gentleman. For your next barbeque, why not Toohill Seed and Beef championed by Wapella's premier Cattleman, James Toohill WHS '93? The Toohill's have been raising cattle in Wapella for over 150 years now, so they really have the hang of it.

And while your at it, be sure to patronize WHOW-FM 95.9, fast becoming one of the top voices for local news and business.


Anonymous said...

I thought Marty taught himself how to play guitar and sing and Changed his name to Brad Paisley.


Anonymous said...

Here’s a story from MrToohillbeef for ya.

Last week this "premier cattleman of wapella" is sitting at his desk in his home and his neighbor, fellow cattleman/deerman, Dale Karr, knocks on the door and asks "Where are your cattle?" Next comes that empty look to the barn, tracks all over the yard and the embarrassment of knowing they walked right past the window he was sitting in front of.

So with DJT in front of them and Dale and Frank Karr on either side, LKT and I followed a single file row of very fat and tired steers 2 miles home.

About half way home Lauren leans over and asks me "Daddy are we having a parade?" Laughing my way through the stress of the day I told her it might be the closest thing we get to a parade out here on Irish row.

Thanks for the plug jbp

Ps Class of 1993, Jennifer Rose was 91

Anonymous said...

don't get any better than that!

Anonymous said...

A tip of the hat to these fine businessmen. - bbd

Anonymous said...

Only a Toohill could raise a 150 year old cow. Probably "Pete" raised it from birth and donated it to Toohillbeef!

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