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Friday, March 18, 2011

This Quiz Just In from the esteemed Brad Karr

Do you remember these nicknames from your Wapella School Daze? See how many you can pair with who they belong. Bogey, Whip, Gomer, Hop, Tourqe, Petey Bear, and Weeder. I'm sure there are more.

Petey Bear

The great minds of Wapella are being tested. Match the nickname with the given name for these Wapella legends.

Festus Hagen image looks nothing like Brad Karr.


Anonymous said...

Hop = Vernon Murphy
Weeder = Dennis J. Powers?
We visited this topic a couple years ago on here. I think a master list compilation is necessary. Any help with the archives JBP? RJT

Anonymous said...

gomer bill murphy
whip rick holland whip crack away whip crack away whip crack away
hop vernon murphy
bogey kent holt

plus bonus additions:
Bear Don Leggett
Bud Clyde Leggett

Anonymous said...

don't forget Jimmy Holland - old scratch and sniff bbd

EEP said...

This reminds me of the time I recast JAWS with an all-Wapella cast:

Brody - Shorty Olson

Hooper - Jimmy Holland

Quint - Pete Toohill circa 1970 sideburns

Mayor Vaughn - this was the toughest to cast. Thought about possibly Tommy Bray. Never did nail it down.

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