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Friday, March 25, 2011

From the Archives

At the suggestion of RJT, I found the archives of Here is a good question that went unanswered in 2006

Big question, in 1975 or 76, the graduating Senior Girls at WHS sang a stirring version of the Carpenters' "We've only Just Begun". How was this song chosen? What prompted this outburst of optimism? Was Joe Hindman involved? Had the Senior Girls actually only just begun? Did the Senior Boys consider singing "Space Trucking" only to find it had no lyrics? Your help please

Have at it, still a mystery 5 years later


Mid Major said...

The real mystery is why all the BCS lovers are not chatting about the NCAA tournament.

Are you tired of rooting for Goliath?

Anonymous said...

This is a fine posting subject, and I must admit to being in the dark as to the selection process for "We've Only Just Begun."

I encourage Mid-Major to start a competing web site where his favorite topic can be fully explored with all the discussion it deserves.

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