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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jerry Ryan Goes to The Jungle

In a (unique and unexplained) press statement, Jerry Ryan WHS '54 has announced a shift in his current nickname from Jumping Jerry Ryan to Jungle Jerry Ryan. Ryan, a gentleman farmer in rural Clinton, had used the "Jumping Jerry" moniker for much of the last decade, having successfully dropped the corny "Taters Ryan" from his identinty in the mid 1990's.

"We feel that Jungle Jerry is more youthful, more current, and a more accurate identifier of the Jerry Ryan persona", claimed Ryan's press release, "we ask that all our friends and fans remember that Jerry Ryan was indeed a good jumper and earned the name 'Jumping Jerry', but respect Mr. Ryan's wishes to move into a new decade with a new start as "Jungle Jerry" Ryan".

Repeated calls to Mr. Ryan were not returned, that is repeated calls to "Jungle Jerry" Ryan were not returned. Asked for comment, Jerome "Jerry" Toohill stated, "I've always liked Mr. Ryan and will respect his current choice in nicknames. Ryan is a big and powerful man and the Jungle Jerry name keeps the crafty veteran in the game. Who knows, I might take it up myself"

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