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Monday, September 20, 2010

Congratulations to Rick and Denise Johnson

It's 30 Years for Rick and Denise Schanafelt Johnson, two Wapella originals who are celebrating today. Denise proudly describes this as

Today I have been married to the most wonderful husband, best friend and a great father for 30 years. How time flys when your having fun. The best part is my 3 kids and can't forget BO and Maggie (dogs)
Congratualtion Rick and Denise, two of Wapella's finest.

Here's a video of Rockpile with Nick Lowe, who looks a lot like Rick if Rick were a English Rock star, or if Nick were from Wapella, or both. Add a mustache to Nick, put Rick's 1978 hair back on him and there you have it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Rick and Denise

Badger Cat

Anonymous said...

Best wishes R&D,

Hoosier Gato.

BTW, I still like this song a lot. It puts a spring in my step. The bad teeth and haircuts of DE and Rockpile give this team some credibility. Can this just be posted every week?

Anonymous said...

ditto on RJ and DJ - dang I haven't seen you 2 in awhile.....still remember Rick pulling an awesome Jimmy Rockford in his Cobra on main street a few years ago. I watched in awe as a youngster and tried to replicate that move in a Dodge Colt many years later. Cheers bbd

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