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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Martin and Lewis of Wapella

Chris Ooms has a question: Do fish get cramps after eating?

    • John Powers Nah, they wait 30 minutes before they start swimming again
      Yesterday at 7:28am · ·
    • Chris Ooms Thanks John, I was taking my fish out of the bowl when feeding them. I didn't want them to be uncomfortable.

      Ribald laughter ensues throughout Facebook.............


JMK said...

Sitting here giggling.... That's a Hee Haw moment for sure!

Anonymous said...

The comedy team of Ooms and the Moderator will be playing this weekend at Zanies. It is a tremendous family show. bbd

Texting is glee said...

Forget facebook!

Anonymous said...

Professor Laurence Kotlikoff:

Social Security has also played a central role in the massive, six-decade Ponzi scheme known as US fiscal policy, which transfers ever-larger sums from the young to the old.

In so doing, Uncle Sam has assured successive young contributors that they would have their turn, in retirement, to get back much more than they put in. But all chain letters end, and the US’s is now collapsing.

The letter’s last purchasers – today’s and tomorrow’s youngsters – face enormous increases in taxes and cuts in benefits. This fiscal child abuse, which will turn the American dream into a nightmare, is best summarized by the $202 trillion fiscal gap discussed in my last column.

The gap is the present value difference between future federal spending and revenue. Closing this gap via taxes requires doubling every tax we pay, starting now. Such a policy would hurt younger people much more than older ones because wages constitute most of the tax base.

Oriental Child said...

All that you speak of will eventually lead to a euthanasia movement in the future. The kids who aren't going to get theirs will want to off grandpa for money instead of mercy which is what euthanasia should be about. We show more mercy to cats and dogs than we do to people.

Anonymous said...

Especially when it's someone elses grandpa.

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