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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

26 Years of Hollywood in Central Illinois

Shamelessly lifted from Top Maroon Joe Alexander. Hat Tip Joe, for this great memory!


I have had a number of FB friends like Dave Wischnowsky, Steve Raquel, Kirsten Rogers, even the Hon. Dan Brady showing pictures & or making comments about the present filming of Transformers III presently being shot in Chicago. However, lest we forget when Hollywood came to central IL, as today we celebrate the 26th anniversary of the release of Grandview, U.S.A.!

Filmed largely in Pontiac, Illinois & Fairbury, Illinois in Livingston County, we note that there is more here than just the home of Dan Rutherford, Route 66, & a correction center! Yes, Jaime Lee Curtis, the late Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, John & Joan Cusack, were all in this movie & seen around town.

I enjoy watching long time Pontiac alderman, Frank Panno, pictured with me, with his role in the movie. Frank & Panno Reality, helped with housing during the film! He still gets royalty checks from his acting debut. Pontiac/Livingston County folks, please share your thoughts, memories, or stories!


Anonymous said...

C. Thomas Howell was great in Side Out!

Anonymous said...

I think Linda Jackson went up to check things out. I believe the Dr. gave a postive report on Jaime Lee Curtis

I need to see this movie. I seem to recall that people got a minor kick out of this coming to central IL but it didn't cause near the fuss that pro-wrestling coming to Bloomington and Decatur did.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of pro wrestling, I believe a match/tournament is coming to Waynesville later this month. Flyer in Wapella Caseys gives the details. Will pass on more info as it becomes available. RJT

JBP said...

You participating RJ?

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