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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mmm....Barber Shop: Wapella Deserves A Good Haircut

After 51 years of barberry excellence, Wapella's own Jack Wickenhouser is retiring his shears. High style, with a wit as sharp as his shears, Jack's talent has been grooming and entertaining generations of customers in DeWitt County.

An unrepentant Cub Fan, Jack's knowledge of baseball and sports in general is unmatched (only challenged by Jim Bell on the Illini). Jack, I have you down here as WHS '57, could be mistaken there, but would like to hear of your own exploits on the playing fields of Wapella. An avid outdoorsman and proponent of small business, Jack talent and wisdom make the full circle of barberry experience.

Jack is hanging it up this Thursday, but there are still 2 days to go get a Jack Whack. salutes you Jack Wickenhouser on your dedication to the scalps of Wapella and all of DeWitt County.


Anonymous said...

My, time does fly when you're havin' fun. Enjoy your free time Jack.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Jack in your retirement. DeWitt County will likely have a long wait before its tonsorial grooming again reaches your exactingly high standard.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,
Thanks for all the years of cutting my hair and threatening to cut off my ears. It truly made me the man I am today.
Wishing you and Rosie peace and happiness in retirement.
Badger Cat

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