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Friday, June 4, 2010

Get Lost! Friday for Rock and Roll for Friday for Rock and Roll

The Troggs:

1) Were from Andover, site of big RAF Base in South Central England
2) Kind of sounded like the Kinks from time to time. They had the same manager as well.
3) Lead singer was Reg Presley, second biggest Presley in showbiz, even bigger than Lisa Marie and Priscilla
4) Had a huge #1 hit with Wild Thing, that sounds like a novelty number 44 years later.
5) Had a bunch of good songs, including the sweet "Love is All Around" and the Beach Boy's style "With a Girl Like You"
6) Had awesome hair.
7) Never got anywhere with this song, "Lost Girl", but it is one of the best I have ever heard. Per legend, this is the sound the Kinks were after (heavy echo, sort of a Bonanza type back beat, lunacy on lead vocals (the Kinks did have that)), but couldn't get, which leaves this one as a stray.

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