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Friday, May 7, 2010

Puff the Magic Colon

The staff at is attached to Wapella as much as the next guy, more than others and not as much as it should be, but there is one area where really shines the tiny flashlight you stick in your colon to take a quick snap shot, and that is Colon health.

We are on various colon health mailing lists, some originating from Wapella, some outside of the village, but all with as much detail on the ins and outs of a good colon blow as you can stomach without a local anesthetic.

So by all means, go get your colon screened in, sit outside in your screened in colon porch and keep the bugs away while you play colon canasta, sip on a cold colona beer with a lime and enjoy the cold colon days of spring. Dr. Goldfinger is waiting for you.

Here's a tip from Peter Yarrow, from Peter Paul and Mary, singing about, what else, Colon Health...not much of a song, but the lyrics are meaningful..and a heck of a lot more appealing than the Tombstone Blues. Hat tip to my sister WHS '80 HLP-B who has been known to irrigate the colon of various willing strangers in Rocky Mountain water.

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Anonymous said...

I've always been a strong advocate of colon health. I'm happy to see Peter Yarrow is on board. What took him so long?

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