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Friday, April 30, 2010

A $4 Cup of Coffee? Not on your life

Got a welcome call from an WHS 82 Alum today, who was a bit shocked that Starbuck had been totally forgotten a smooth jazz rock group and totally overtaken by the absurd "Starbucks" a coffee chain, I am told, that has the audacity to charge $4 for a cup of joe.

Well it is high time that the 70's brand of Starbuck fought back, and let's call Wapella the front lines. Here's the take on the real Starbuck

Moonlight Feels Right is the definitive AM radio driving song of the 70s. Written by multi-talented vocalist / keyboardist / producer Bruce Blackman, Moonlight Feels Right represents 70s synth-pop at its finest. Impeccably crafted, winningly melodic and uniquely constructed (how many hits have ever featured a marimba solo?), it was a perfect springtime single. The lyrics were expressively vivid, and the lead vocals from Blackman were comfortable and friendly.

Currently featured in the movie Stuck On You, Moonlight Feels Right was the first single from the Atlanta group Starbuck with Bruce Blackman on vocals and keyboards and Bo Wagner on marimba. The song reached #3 in Billboard, #2 in Cashbox and #1 in Record World in 1976.

A true classic, Moonlight Feels Right has been recorded by dozens of artists and included on over 100 CD compilations. There’s no question that it will be remembered fondly, recorded frequently and played on oldies radio for decades to come.

They may call the song an Oldie, but to me, this baby never gets old. It has it all, a handsome duo, a mysterious melody, some latin shuffle, joyous lyrics, the hint of romance, and a little bit of soul and it really starts moving, yeah.

Dump that $4 coffee and dust off you IPad, this is the real thing, Starbuck doing the big hit Moonlight Feels Right


Anonymous said...


Great hat, half-moon necklace and lip-synched song. The only thing missing is a "where are they now?" paragraph.

Badger Cat

Anonymous said...

Fabulous song - excellent performance. Badger Cat forgot to mention the side burns and bushy mustache. I don't know if my favorite artist from the 70's is Starbuck or Cliff Richard. Of course Captain & Tennille had the dogs....I remember Badger Cat had a poster of C&T and the dogs.


Anonymous said...

I agree with my two comrades above. The shirt/undershirt-optional look these two sport is a reminder of days gone by as well. I'm thinking of reviving it.


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