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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Days for MP Killian and Dan Toohill!

Birthday wishes abound for Wapella's own Mary Pat Killian and Danny Toohill. I haven't done the research, and Dan is significantly older than MP, but are these two birth-day twins? If so, that would make these two double cousins double birthday celebrants, a pair of pears if you like.

So happy Birthday to two of the best. Please wish them well if you run into either or both of them at Toohill Seed and Beef or the First National today.

Here's a good shot of Clark Gable doing his best Dan Toohill.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday fine cousins. are these 2 responsible for a good 10% of the Dewitt county GDP or what? Keep America going with 1stNB and TS&B!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to two of DeWitt County's finest. How much DNA do these double cousins share? Could they be triple cousins?


JBP said...

Burns and Toohill are the two lines I could trace on our extensive Wapella DNA Database and Pro Wrestling archive.


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