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Friday, January 29, 2010

RIP JD Salinger

Yeah, he wrote a great book and some really fine short stories. Then he became sort of like Orson Wells without the Gallo commercials. JD Salinger, author of The Catcher in the Rye has died at age 91.

But enough about Salinger, leave the man his privacy. Wapella has more than enough JD's to go around. I have counted up to 20 and just getting going. Any one have any extra JD's to toss around? Wapella demands it's JD's.


Anonymous said...

Great topic as Wapella is home to some of the all-time great JD's but your 20 # is inflated. I think to qualify as a JD you have to be most frequently referred to as JD....I can only come up with JD Harrold and JD Sayer. JD Roesch and Finger are 2 of the truly great ones, but I think it is pushing it to give them full JD status. Can anyone run this by JD Harrold to see what he thinks as he should have some input as to whether the others are full fledged JD's.


Anonymous said...

Salinger was the best JD. Great stories.

Ackley Kid

EEP said...

I'll take any Wapella JD over Salinger. He wrote a good (if overrated....ohhh, teenage rebellion/angst) book and some solid short stories, then hid like a Maroon for the rest of his life.

JD Finger, on the other hand, is a model to live life by, and the other Hog City JD's are classic as well.

Wapella > Salinger.

Anonymous said...

Forgot about JD Sayer- good choice.I'm with bbd - 20 is pushing it. Clancy/Mod - Just learned that Richard Cundiff passed away last nite. Can't think of a more dedicated Illini, St.Pats, hog city fan than him. Hell of nice guy. RJT

Anonymous said...

I agree with EEP. Salinger, RIP, was overrated. BBD may wish to counter with his Holden Caulfield story from Scotland.

And I too heard that Wapella has lost one of its leading lights, Mr. Richard Cundiff, a true gentleman.


Clintucky said...

A group of settlers from Kentucky was the first of European origin to call Wapella home; afterwich, a substantial Irish community came to Wapella to build and work on the Illinois Central Railroad, as well as a later group of settlers from Kentucky and Germany. Abraham and Elizabeth Swearingen, grandparents of Al Swearengen (featured in the HBO series Deadwood) settled in nearby Wapella Township, and Daniel and Keziah Swearingen - Al's parents - met and married in nearby McLean, Illinois, before moving to Mahaska County, Iowa where Al was born.

Anonymous said...

So what's your point?

Are we suppose to be the pot calling kettle black when we use Clintucky?

Clintucky is funny.
Even people from Clinton think so.

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