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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cat Mother Rock and Roll Medley

These guys aren't that original, but they do play some rock and roll. I think they played the beer garden at the Wapella Tap in 1988 or so.

Tough question, who produced their 1968 album The Street Giveth... and the Street Taketh Away?

Easy question, are they wearing costumes or those the clothes they showed up with?


A Cardinal Fan said...

Three cheers for Andre Dawson!!!

Anonymous said...

All partisanship aside, does Dawson have HOF numbers? Bad knees notwithstanding, doesn't Robbie Alomar have better all around numbers?

The Hawk did have nice hair.

Lee Elia

Anonymous said...

Both Dawson and Alomar like the Good Old Rock and Roll

Cornell said...

Of-course he was HOF material.

KU #1? With a little help from the refs.

Is college hoops a parody?

Or, does it have parity?

Just for BEP said...

Out of 10 government employees, probably 2 do useful things…things that we would willingly pay for if they weren’t done for us by the government, though we would almost certainly pay less for them than they cost us now. Five others do things that are not worth doing at all – things that are purely wastes of money. And the other three do things that destroy wealth…things that actually make the situation worse. Those three are economists. Or lawyers. Or who-knows-what.

Anonymous said...

I'm no BEP but I used to work in state govt so I'll chime in...

most state employees are teachers, correctional officers, and police....could be about 3 of the 5 million of the nation's state employees

most federal employees are military folks and postal employees...both would probably like to hurt you.

I would not like to hurt you as you are probably my relative. But got to and spend a few minutes there. - bbd

Anonymous said...

I think he is talking about the federal government.

Good points though BBD

why don't you run for office?

Anonymous said...

How can having more people emloyed by government than by Goods producing industries ever be a good thing?

Research that.

It recently has happened.

By the way, I think you are great bbd.

Anonymous said...

You know
this site is at it's best when it is a mutual admiration society.

JBP said...

Yeah, but trying to get a quiz response is nearly impossible...Where is the guy from the Heyworth Star who has all the Rock and Roll answers at his fingertips?

By the way, is it fair to consult the massive Heyworth Star/Jim Beverige archives when answering a quiz?


Anonymous said...

They showed up in those clothes.

But the worst thing of all is when corporations JOIN with government to thwart the free market.

Then you have a powerful (almost invincible) alliance of elites vs the People.

This is called Fascism and this is what we will officially have when government takes over 1/6 of the private sector with Health Care.

Boise St said...

NO, it's called the BCS.

JBP said...

When will our politicians learn, good cousin, that not much else matters except

"if you want to
Get a message to me
All you gotta do is play
That good old rock and roll" ?


Conspiracy Theory said...

It's not a theory if it's actually happening or has already happened.

Don't forget;
Our entire history has been one conspiracy after another.

Hey BEP,
If you were rooting for Bama last night then congratulations. If not, at least you can enjoy all the happy people around you.

Anonymous said...

Who owned the tap in 88" Did they have a beer garden then?

Anonymous said...

On behalf of my wife and middle daughter, "Roll Tide Roll". Lots of folks took Friday off at work. The euphoria shows no sign of wearing off anytime soon.

Nick earned his $4M this year. Like him or not, he can coach.

I wonder if he can do something about the cold weather?

Freezing in Dixie,


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for your family.

Now some economics.

There must be some dark corner of Hell warming up for modern, mainstream economists. They helped bring on the worst bubble ever…with their theories of efficient markets and modern portfolio management. They failed to see it for what it was. Then, when trouble came, they made it worse.

But instead of atoning in a dank cell, these same economists strut onto the stage to congratulate themselves.

In 1913, on Christmas Eve, Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, setting up America’s central bank. Only then did economists get their hands on the economy’s throat. The dollar was worth about the same thing it had been worth 100 years before. Now, almost a hundred years later, it is worth only 3 cents. And only 16 years after economists took their positions at the Federal Reserve came a depression worse than anything the nation had ever seen – at least, it was worst after government economists finished with it.

The Great Depression may have been an accident, but the debasement of the dollar certainly was not. It was a matter of policy. Economists, led by Keynes, had the idea that they could spur the economy forward by creating phantom demand – in the form of additional units of purchasing power. The gold standard stood in the way; it was abandoned like a bad neighborhood. First, temporarily, then partially, then, in 1971, completely. The first consumer credit boom came in the ’20s…leading to the Great Depression. By the 1980s, 50 years later, Americans had lost their residual fear of debt. Consumer credit boomed again. Then it bubbled. Economists didn’t understand what was going on. They rarely do. But they had created a hundred year flood of consumer debt. Now they congratulate themselves; households sink…but civilization floats.


Anonymous said...

Despite a truly monumental (albeit imbecilic) effort to revive the economy…the latest figures show the weakest post-recession recovery ever. Jobs are missing. Consumer credit is shrinking. Inflation is going negative. There is no real recovery…it’s a mirage created by government spending.

Monetary policy is useless (banks won’t lend; consumers won’t borrow). And fiscal policy, while apparently more effective, destroys wealth; it doesn’t add to it.

The more the government increases spending, to offset the correction, the more the economy becomes addicted to it. It’s like trying to cure an alcoholic by introducing him to heroin. Take away the government spending – as Japan tried to do – and the economy collapses into a deeper depression. Not only that, but the budget deficit actually grows!

In other words, the feds spend money they don’t have trying to fight a correction. This creates huge budget deficits, but it makes it look like the economy is recovering. So they slack off. Then, they discover that their fiscal stimulus didn’t really create any genuine economic activity. Take away the fiscal stimulus and the economy collapses again…reducing tax receipts and widening the deficit. In effect, the cure became a disease of its own! Now they can’t cut government spending. The economy depends on it. Instead, they’re locked into a debt spiral…more and more deficits…higher and higher debt…down, down, down, until…

…until the whole thing finally crashes.

But we’re not worried. Somehow it will all work out. Americans are still trying to get even. They still believe that the stock market will recover – fully. They still think the Fed is in control…and that our economists know what they are doing. They are delusional, in other words.

JBP said...

Fair enough, but back to the point...does anyone think it was really a good way to send a message by playing that Good Old Rock and Roll?

How would it work? Would you play some really loud Roy Orbison with your windows down to express angst? What if you just wanted to meet for dinner or something, how would you get a message through Rock and Roll?


JBP said...

I think Dale Brewer put in the beer garden at the Tap around 1988. I could be off a bit, but not too far.


Message through song said...


The previous poster (BB?) could send a message to the Fed by using the Muse song "Uprising".

Couldn't he/she?

Sherry said...

You could easily get me to come out tonight through song.

Stillman said...

Cat Mother's first album was produced by Jimi Hendrix, who let them be the opening act at a few of his shows.

One of the early members of the group was fiddler Jay Ungar, who later wrote "Ashokan Farewell," the theme song of Ken Burns' Civil War documentary series. If you like fiddle music, check out the recent albums he has made with his wife, Molly Mason. Their website is here.

Anonymous said...

Great Fun Facts Stillman!


Anonymous said...

Is Twilight the dumbest movie of the century?

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