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Thursday, January 28, 2010

If Paulina Porizkova Were the Girl then....

Here's another quiz for you all. Back in 1978, the Cars had a hit (or did they) with My Best Friends Girl (as in the accompanying video). How high did it get up the charts? What else was ahead of it or behind it as the case may be? What song does it generate from?

This may be the best song of 1978, unless I am outvoted by the Board, I am going with it.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, 1978 was Andy Gibb's year with Shadow Dancing and Love is Thicker Than Water. I believe Saturday Night Fever had just arrived as well. The Cars over the Gibb family? I think a populist rebellion might be in order.


EEP said...

Whoa there, JBP. Taking a quick look over what came out in 1978:

- The Jam release All Mod Cons
- The Clash release Give Em Enough Rope
- The Buzzcocks do Another Music
- Nick Lowe does Jesus of Cool
- Black Flag's Nervous Breakdown
- Elvis Costello This Year's Model

Not to mention Wire, Blondie, Devo, PIL, Rose Tattoo, The Saints, Squeeze, Sham 69, Big Star, The Only Ones, The Police...and also...Rogers does THE GAMBLER!

All of these certainly contained songs that I'd have to rank above The Cars.

JBP said...

Just a single. All of those were albums, except for the excellent Gambler by Rogers.

I suppose Kenny does get points for having a cologne named after his hit.


Paul Weller said...

Yes, but all of those albums contained singles that were/are better than The Cars.

Stillman said...

The Cars were better than a lot of bands that year, but I preferred Elvis C. or the Clash. According to Billboard, "My Best Friend's Girl" peaked at #35 in the U.S., so a lot of songs were ahead of it. I remember an interview with Ric Ocasek where he said that he could walk around in a grocery store or any other public place and not be asked for autographs, just because he was so unapproachably weird-looking. He didn't use the phrase "unapproachably weird-looking" but said something like it.

Stillman said...

Springsteen's "Darkness At The Edge Of Town" was one of the best albums that year. Or maybe the Kinks' "Misfits" or Bob Marley's "Kaya" or Patti Smith's "Easter." My friends and I were right up front at the Stones in Soldier Field for the "Some Girls" tour, but that album hasn't aged well for me. My favorite from 1978 is probably Little Feat's classic live album, "Waiting For Columbus." I'd rather listen to all of these than the Cars, then or now.

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