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Friday, November 6, 2009

Wapella Man Honored

Dennis "Black Jack" Toohill has been honored for his work in the field of Health Care. Toohill (WHS '82) went to Peoria for the award, where he was feted at a tradeshow. The Board of Wapella Historians has officially seconded this honor with the coveted Noveau Nomme de Guerre, Black Jack.

Panatagraph Story Below

CNA's honored

BLOOMINGTON - Hannah O'Neil and Dennis Toohill, certified nursing assistants at Heritage Manor, Bloomington, were nominated for the Illinois Health Care Association CNA of the Year award. Each was presented with a certificate of achievement during the recent 59th annual IHCA Convention and Tradeshow in Peoria.

O'Neil has worked at the nursing home for six years and is described as a hard worker who exhibits a positive attitude, promotes teamwork, is an excellent advocate for the residents and a mentor for new employees.

Toohill, formerly a business manager, went back to school to obtain his CNA certificate and became a licensed nursing home administrator. He is described as a team player whose goal is to improve the lives of all residents.


Way to go Black Jack!

Update: Happy 45th Birthday Black Jack!


EEP said...

Three cheers from south of Bloomington, Dennis.

Come down and see us sometime.

Again, excellent news! True Wildcat swagger.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dennis. Need to catch up some time and talk Bulls basketball and Cardinal baseball.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused - was Dennis nominated for CNA of the year or did he win it? Is he competing against Hannah O'Neil? Or did he pick up the co-CNA of the Year?

If so, don't get me started, Dennis could run circles around O'Neil. bbd

Anonymous said...

Toohill is "described as a team player", though some say he tries to take all the glamor of eldercare for himself.

Anonymous said...

"The Glamor of Eldercare"??? Will that be the new medical drama to follow Mercy, Trauma and Nurse Jackie?

Anonymous said...

Good noble work, friend and cousin, DIT!


Anonymous said...

Congrats DIT. IRBW wants to talk Cardinal baseball with you? I assume you've made it public that you're back to being a Cubs fan, right?


MrToohillbeef said...

is there no end to this mans talents?

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