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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11/11 Veterans Saluted

As always salutes those who served the country in military service. Here's a piece from the Clinton Public, re-arranging a celebration in honor of 2 regiments from DeWitt County. Waving the flag high today.

September 1, 1864


The following are the proceedings of a public meeting held in Clinton on the 26th of August 1864.

On motion, Col. J. J. KELLY was appointed Chairman, and H. S. GREENE, Secretary.

Whereas, The citizens of DeWitt county in extending a reception to the returned members of the 41st Regiment of Illinois Volunteers, on the 25th inst., and which reception was intended for all returned soldiers, unintentionally omitted to tender a formal invitation to the members of the 20th Regiment and other volunteers, and

Whereas, It is the desire of the people to manifest their regard for all our brave soldiers alike. Therefore be it

Resolved, That a public dinner be tendered by the citizens of DeWitt county to the 20th and 41st Regiments, and that all the gallant men who are or have been in the service of the United States, be cordially invited to attend.

Resolved, That said dinner be given at Clinton, at the hour of 2 o'clock, on the 9th day of September next.

Resolved, That Col. J. J. Kelly be a committee of one, to procure speakers.

Resolved, The Chairman appoint a committee of six persons to make arrangements for said dinner.

The Chairman therefore appointed the following persons to constitute said committee: John P. Mitchell, M. A. Morris, H. G. Tyler, William Haynie, R. H. Wheeler and F. E. Morgan.

Resolved, That the following named persons be a committee on finance: Barzilla Campbell, James DeLand and W. B. Smith of Clintonia; W. Y. McCord, of Santa Anna; W. H. Lafferty, of Rutledge; John Johnson, of Wilson; I. F. Emery, of Wapella; Wm. Robb, of Waynesville; Jacob Swigart, of DeWitt; G. B. Lemon, of Harp; J. R. Hall, of Barnett; W. H. Martin, of Nixon; I. Davenport, of Creek; Jonah Lingal, of Texas; J. A. Kinley, of Tunbridge.

Resolved, That the ladies of the county be earnestly requested to cooperate with the managing committee above named, in furthering the objects of this meeting, and that said committee take steps to secure the aid of the ladies of the county.

Resolved, That Captains North, Dannison and Harrell, and Lieut. Kelly, and all the other returned officers, be requested to procure the attendance of their respective commands, and of all who have at any time served the Nation as American soldiers.

Resolved, That the above proceedings be published in the CLINTON PUBLIC.

J. J. Kelly, Ch'mn
H. S. Greene, Sec'y

September 1, 1864

Arrangements for the Soldiers' Dinner.

The following committees have been appointed:
On Flags and Banners— N. E. Wheeler.
On Vocal Music— W. B. Smith, M. M. DeLevis and A. M. Werner.
On Provisions and tables:

Mrs. M. Danison Mrs. H. Crossley
Mrs. B. Campbell Mrs. J. Conklin
Mrs. R. R. Crang Mrs. J. H. Hill
Mrs. D. Crang Mrs. D. Hall
Mrs. Geo. Armstrong Mrs. N. W. Smith
Mrs. Joel Wilson Mrs. W. Catterlin
Mrs. J. E. Wightman Mrs. O. F. Morrison
Mrs. Ab. Phares Mrs. M. M. DeLevis
Mrs. E. Orahood Mrs. T. S. Dickerson
Mrs. O. Lakin Mrs. Wm. Bishop
Mrs. M. Donahue Mrs. C. P. Ford
Mrs. Wm. Clagg, Jr. Mrs. G. F. Phillips
Mrs. F. H. Bogar Mrs. Stevens
Mrs. J. B. Hunt Mrs. J. Lisenby
Mrs. R. Phares Mrs. S. Smith
Mrs. J. Wightwick Mrs. E. Kent
Mrs. Dr. Wright Mrs. J. J. Kelly
Mrs. L. D. Hovey Mrs. A. Argo
Mrs. I. N. Coltrin Mrs. Richards
Mrs. S. Edmiston Mrs. R. H. Wheeler
Mrs. M. Mohrle Mrs. M. A. Morris
Mrs. L. S. McGraw Mrs. Dr. Edmiston

The lady committee is expected to have the exclusive charge of the tables, provisions and all the arrangements of the same, before and during the Dinner. They are requested to wear a narrow blue ribbon as a distinguishing badge.

Citizens of the town and county are expected to deliver their contributions of provisions to the committee of arrangements, who will be found at the Jewelry store of R. H. Wheeler, and at the Fair Grounds after 8 o'clock on the morning of Friday.

The procession will form on the East side of the Court House, at 10 o'clock a.m., under direction of Jas. DeLand, Chief Marshal.


Anonymous said...

My cousin, a native of Wapella Township, was mortally wounded in France on the morning of November 11, 1918, in an attack which was obviously unnecessary. More than a few American commanders who were quite well aware that the armistice was due to go into effect at 11:00 a.m. on that day nonetheless insisted upon earlier-planned operations going forward. Several, new at the front, seized their last chances to put command of troops in combat on their records, probably for military or political careerist reasons.

May the sod lay lightly on Francis Michael Jordan (1887-1918), and may the fires burn hot beneath whoever sent him and his buddies over the top on that day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the veterans from the class of 67

Clyde Leggett
Don Leggett
Frank Boston
Ralph Mollet

Unknown said...

Along with the Veteran's Day Civil War theme, do any of the great historians of Wapella have any information regarding the Seward Nelson Post 251 GAR (Grand Army of the Republic)located in Wapella in the 1890's?...W2I2

Anonymous said...

Most humble thanks to all Wapella vets. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

My grandfather, born in 1869, remembered "Civil War soldiers" trailing north along the Illinois Central tracks, near his home just north of Wapella. His mother sent him to the well for dippers of cold water for them. Who he probably saw were discharged occupation troops returning from the post-Reconstruction South in the late 1870s.


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