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Friday, May 8, 2009 Stray Quiz

Over the last few months a few stray quiz questions have built up, none of which were particularly interesting nor useful, but sure to be a hit on

1) This ISU Redbird busted out some real number in the major leagues
1974 ATLNL 16 W 8 L 2.28 ERA

Who was the Redbird in question and what is he up to now?

2) This Chicago florist, known for his dust-ups with the Capone gang, ran Schofield's Flower Shop at 738 N. State across from Holy Name Cathedral (with a tunnel to the Cathedral dug to deliver flowers, not liquor, of course). With most of this Irishman's history tied to Chicago, many people forget the Central Illinois roots of this horticulturalist. Who is he and where is he from?

3) Even more from current favorite from Birmingham England's "The Move" featuring the harriest Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood ever presented. That's Jeff hammering away on the piano and Roy dancing with the saxophone.

This time they are doing a number made popular in the US by an Illinois band. Who did the rocking US version of "California Man" and where are they from?


Anonymous said...

Well that's Buzz Capra but I don't know what he's up to now. Buzz looks a little like a young Pete Falcone.

I'm no good on the other trivia questions. bbd

Anonymous said...

Awesome tune/band Clancy. Good Job RJT

Anonymous said...

Buzz Capra...does it matter what he's doing?

I didn't know O'Banion was from Maroa. Interesting tidbit. Did he go to church in Clinton or Decatur?

Any Floyd Fouts quiz questions out there?


sempleman said...

California Man was covered by those zany guys from Rockford, Cheap Trick. Honestly, I did not know The Move did it first. Have to say I like Trick's version better, but it's neat hearing the original.

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