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Friday, May 22, 2009

Salute to Those Who Served

Memorial Day weekend always gives us a chance to salute those who served our country in the Armed Forces and the Home Front. Hats are tipped, solemnities uttered, and applause rounded up for the few who sacrificed so that the rest of us could live in (relative) peace in Wapella and the rest of DeWitt County (and the USA).

What better way to Memorialize than to travel this weekend to visit friends, relatives, and see the sights of this great country? In the meantime, some traveling music to help you on your way while heading out. Here Tommy and Dick Smothers (not Tommy Toohill) with the great Beatle, Ringo Star having some fun with the No No Song. Special guest comes in at the end of the video, watch it all for full effect.


Anonymous said...

A salute and hearty thank you to all Wapella graduates who served our country...especially the class of 1967:

Clyde Leggett III U.S. Army
Don Leggett U.S. Air Force
Frank Boston U.S. Air Force
Ralph Mollet U.S. Air Force
Steve Wilson U.S. Navy

Thank you all for your service! SER

jmk said...

Sgt. Melvin W. Karr, U.S. Army, Europeon Theater, WW II; Purple Heart recipient.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that isn't Tommy Toohill?

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