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Friday, March 27, 2009

Clary Grove, Illinois, Rural Menard County

Came across this in an essay about Abe Lincoln's New Salem Days

The Clary Grove boys.

They were a loud, reckless, frontier crowd who enjoyed fighting and drinking.

That wild bunch lived a few miles outside town and were, despite their roguish gallantry, "a terror to the entire region," as Lincoln's future law partner William Herndon reports. In his warm description,

They were friendly and good-natured; they could trench a pond, dig a bog, build a house; they could pray and fight, make a village or create a state. They would do almost anything for sport or fun, love or necessity. Though rude and rough...there never was under the sun a more generous parcel of rowdies.

From that description, it may be possible that the Clary Grove boys were run out of New Salem eventually, to take up residence 80 miles Northeast in Hog City.

Here some music for the drive from Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen with "Hot Rod Lincoln"

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