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Friday, October 3, 2008

Springfield Rocks: Poison's Bret Michaels at Lenscrafters


Jennifer said...

I saw Poison at Lakewood Amphitheater. They were with Cinderella and then I saw them with RATT. I was saddened when they sounded more 'twangy' than I had remembered. Have they gone country? Were they always country and I did not realize it because of the big hair and sexy leather? *sigh* I left after RATT and did not stay to hear Poison (again).

Anonymous said...

For all of you young Cub fans out there - the pain you are feeling right now, it will go away in a couple days. Cubs are cursed, plain and simple. You can't play any sport scared, half the Cub players tightened up. Go Brew crew.

Steve Stone

Anonymous said...

Dear Stoned Pony,

While not a Cub fan I suffered through many years listening you drone on and on until you left the booth. One good year on the mound does not equate to being a good announcer. Where is Milo?

Cub fans, don't despair. The law of large numbers is on your side. I think your chances of a World Championship in this next century.

Wait until next year.


Anonymous said...

Mea culpa: I think your chances of a WS championship in the next centure have to get better.

AWM redux

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