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Friday, October 17, 2008

My Apologies to Frank Beard

You probably heard it too, the rumor that Frank Beard, legendary drummer for ZZ Top had died. Well its not true, Frank had a few health issues but he is shaking his beard just like he has for nearly 40 years now. So naturally I assigned a few more properties to Frank and Z-boys from Houston than they actually owned, and was about to post a tribute to ZZ with a cool version of "They Call me the Breeze"

No such luck for Billy, Dusty and Frank, "The Breeze" is a Lynrd Skynrd cover of the country rock classic. Here's the Jacksonville Florida Southern Fried rocker performed on TV in the UK. Two points if you know who did the original version.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Mod - you have a lot of nerve with this post. Billy and Dusty sport the signature beards and shades ----- Frank ironically typically doesn't go with a beard. Viva la ZZ. bbd

Anonymous said...

1. That's always been GREAT party trivia, bbd...."which member of ZZ TOP does NOT sport a beard?" (wait for it) "Frank BEARD" and with that, the collective crowd oh's and ah's and you have a real winner by which to exit the part on.

2. Never forget the ZZ Top tree in Wapella. R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

Who is the Sharpest Dressed Man in Wapella History?

sempleman said...

The original composer/singer of Call Me the Breeze was the one and only Mr. J.J. Cale.
Incidentally, on the Top's album Deguello, all three ZZ's sport a beard and (gasp!) a saxophone on the inside cover photo.

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