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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Get Marooned...Go Apple...Go Pork..

Tired of the fast paced lifestyle in Wapella? This weekend, enjoy the simple life in Clinton, Illinois, the seat of DeWitt County, the site of the annual Apple and Pork Festival.

Read More Here about the happening at the CH Moore Estate

Here is the Apple and Pork Facebook Page

Sounds like great fun. Can we get a full report from the Rover?


Anonymous said...

So THAT's what C.H. Moore looked like. One of my wife's Heyworth area friends showed her the DeWitt county platbook and told her she had really grabbed the brass ring. Still have to remind the USDA folks that we're "the poor ones".

Anonymous said...

"Simple life"?

Don't want to go there.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to state that the man
murdered last week in Beason went to school in Wapella in the 70's and was known as Rick Brown; his mother was then married to Lawrence Brown's son. He changed his name to Gee when his mother got a divorce from Brown...

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