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Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11/01 Wapella Remembers Those Who Fell

It was 8 years ago today that New York City, Washington DC and the United States in general came under a massive terrorist attack. It was a mess but the country has been relatively safe from terrorism since then, due to the hard work of our armed forces and law enforcement officials everywhere. Thanks for that.

So how about a moment of it....but how do you celebrate the USA better than with what is best about it? What is it that says down but not out? You guessed it, with some Rock and Roll from Jerry Lee Lewis, Keith Richards, and Gary Busey. These three have all had a few toasts in their day, and look to be having a good time playing Jerry Lee's "High School Confidential" Check out Gary Busey dance moves, he can really go.


Anonymous said...

Brings back fond memories of those Saturday night dances at the Auction House...R.L. doing the dirty dog with M.P. with only a slight bit of white girdle showing below the skin tight black dress. All the boys from Waynesville and Clinton salivating at the sight of all those luscious Wildcat babes, knowing that those strong, virile, tan Wildcat boys already had the inside track. Give me a guitar riff Shetzy on the Mustang while S.S. plays wipe out on the drums. Long live the King of Wildcats.

Anonymous said...

is that an excerpt from a letter to Playboy?

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Needed a shower after that one.

However, to clarify, I'm not opposed to a little Cinemax in my posts, so I say well done!

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