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Friday, September 18, 2009

Decatur: The New Hollywood

If you're like me, (and who isn't these days) , nothing makes you want to see a movie like a familiar setting. That's why I chose to line up for any movie shot in Decatur, Illinois, including The Informant starring Matt Damon. Damon plays Mark Whitacre, an executive at Archer Daniels Midland, caught up in a string of Federal Investigations, strategic leaks, and alleged corporate scandal.

Whitacre was a piece of work, and spent a significant amount of time in Mowequa. The movie made by the director of Oceans 11, promises to be amusing as well as informative.

A few questions...

1) Any locals appearing as extras in the show?
2) Will the austere Decatur Club, habitat of ADM Execs be revealed?
3) What other movie stars have portrayed Central Illinois characters?
4) What other movies have been filmed in Decatur?


Anonymous said...

George Goddard was looking for a break.

D. Andreas

EEP said...

Clinton's own Corey Case filmed a bit part as an extra but not sure if he makes the final cut. So my sources tell me....

Anonymous said...

Is there a Teutonic connection where a large man, code named "Guenther" carries secret soybean secrets to the Illinois State Farm then eats several steak sandwiches to throw the SEC off of his scent?

CB DeMille

Joker said...

Salmon. The other pink meat.

Anonymous said...

Saw the movie in question today. I can recommend it to readers of The Land of Lincoln has a moderate presence, and takes its rightful place among the other featured cities of Zurich, Paris, Springfield New York, Taylorville, Chicago, St. Louis, Tokyo, et al. What I took to be their version of the Decatur Club seemed to get a modest facelift for the better. Damon was in good form.


ATD said...

Thanks for review, HG.
We have a question for your quarterback,"What is the purpose of the thin black band worn just above the elbow?" I noticed them on pro player yesterday,too?

Anonymous said...


I'm not privy to our quarterback's fashion rationale.

As an additional note, the said movie also features Moweaqua, Illinois, the real life home of the featured star. I note some reviews are mixed, but Roger Ebert gave it ****, detecting a Central Illinois authenticity. I was won over when the star was musing about which ADM personnel followed his lead and purchased ties at Bachrach's.


Mogambo Guru said...
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Mogambo Guru said...
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