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Monday, January 23, 2012

Time Flies Like an Arrow; Fruit Flies Like a Banana and Fall Flings to Waynesville

Lifted this straight from Waynesville's Facebook Page, but it looks like great fun. Our good neighbors to the west are having a Fall Fling naming contest. They were kind enough to take my (absurd) suggestion "A Salute to Kitchen Appliances" as token nomination for themes for their fling. I recall that being a Bob Newhart bit, but it could have come from Cecil Brown or somebody who kind of acted like Bob Newhart.

You can get over to Waynesville's Facebook Page here. I am backing the Salute to Kitchen Applicances, but have at it.

Go Waynesville! Go Wapella! Go DeWitt County, the Festival Capital of the Midwest.

Which of the 8 options would be the best choice to be chosen to be the theme of the 2012 Waynesville Fall Fling? Voting will remain open through February 29th. (We will re-share this question from time to time.)

Retro T.V.- 70's and 80's television
The good old days-Remembering everything classic
Waynestock- Rock and Roll in the ville
John Waynesville- Western theme
Dr. Seuss’s Whoville in Waynesville
Waynesville, Center of the Universe
    Salute to Kitchen Appliances
    Fiesta- Hispanic party theme

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