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Friday, September 2, 2011

Trying This Out

  • I love hearing all these stories about Wapella! It's a great little town I wasn't born here but I've been here for 44 years so I call it home and I can remember most of what you all have written, so does that mean I'm old????
    · · · Tuesday at 7:16am
  • Remember went you could take the interurban to Clinton for 12 cents round trip, go to the show at the show for 15 cents,all for less than a quarter!
    · · · Tuesday at 9:09am via mobile
      • Audrey Reynolds Yes we rode the interurban to the Y for swimming lessons - heck I never did learn to float - scared of the water - kept going back - still do not know how to swim - but I sure could drive the boat and whip the skiers back and forth- now that was funnnnnn!!!!!!
        Tuesday at 3:43pm ·
      • Linda Powers I remember Mom taking me on the interurban the last trip to Clinton....Dad drove to Clinton and picked us up.:D
        Wednesday at 9:23pm ·
  • I loved the Christmas presentations at the high school gym every year from all the different school classes. Then Santa would bring out the paper sacks to us with an orange, apple and candy in it. It was so fun to watch my family be in it from the different classes sining and playing in the band. When I was little and went to school there, I got to be dressed up as an angel to sing with our class (1st grade). Only time I was considered for an angel part in my life since. Bahaha. Good memories for sure!
    · · · Wednesday at 11:12am
  • Leslie Trimble Cyrulik and Ann Jones were added by Mary Westfall.
    · · · Wednesday at 10:47am
  • When i retired from teaching, we moved to Lake Summerset up in N. Illinois. One day i was fishing on a dock and some high school age kids needed some help so i showed them how to catch some crappie. One lady that was there said "Thanks for helping the boys". I said" Oh i am used to it, i taught school for 37 years". So, she asked me where did i teach and i rattled off the schools. She said Wow, my husband used to teach at Wapella. I turned around and standing back on land was this guy who i had not been paying attention to at all. I recognized him was the former band instructor who was there when i was at Wapella. His name is Richard Hammond. I have one Retro yearbook saved from the storm...the yearbook was the 1966 edition ...dedicated to Richard Hammond. Small world huh? Had not seen him for over 40+ years
    · · · Tuesday at 11:08pm

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Did anyone else shed a tear when Bill Buckner caught that baby?

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