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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Weekend Planned in Wapella

Here's a Three-For

1) Toohill Seed and Beef has one of their Wildcat Specials going on. You get a free bale of straw with ever Beef Order of $100 or more, and other such promotions. Toohill Seed and Beef is one of our very best sponsors at

2) The Donovan Reunion (image is Donovan Coat of Arms) is Saturday at Miller Park in Bloomington at Noon, and sure to spill over into Wapella and Heyworth. Come on up if you have time and the inclination!

3) In a celebration of Japanese Culture, The Irish Circle is running a Karaoke Contest on Saturday afternoon. Prizes for the winners and fun for everyone, starting at 3PM Saturday. I was going to put in the Till ??, but that is so lame, ah what the heck...from 3PM till ??

Go Wildcats!

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