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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wapella Baseball Circa 1946

Here is a shot from a Wapella Baseball team circa 1946 from my old cousin Kenny Powers, featuring his Dad, Kenneth "Cap" Powers, and my Dad, Leo Powers. Others in the picture are Don Powers, Leo "Stick" O'Brien, Richard Cundiff, Gene Kiley, Vernell Greene, Dick Payne, Carl Troxel, at least one of the great Leggets, Gene Borland, and a few others I should recognize but don't.

Click on the photo for greater detail.

Topping it off JM Karr adds an Ebay listing for a full Wapella Baseball uniform from what looks to be the same era (but a different uniform), made out of wool, which must have been very pleasant on a hot Wapella afternoon.

Have fun at the ballpark!


Anonymous said...

Back row-far left= Vincent Murphy? and who is holding the bats? RJT

JBP said...

I'm pretty sure that is Carl Troxel, RJ.

Is Carl = Iona's brother?

Batboy may be Everett Ryan, still getting info.


Anonymous said...

You're right JBP, that's Iona's brother CT (spittin image of Bob Murphy). Red and Leo P. are bad-ass in this pic. Looks like they want to beat the hell out of somebody. RJT

Anonymous said...

Carl Troxel and Iona Murphy are cousins. Carl's Dad Joe Troxel and Iona's Dad Jay were brothers and were the owners of Troxel Bros. Grocery Store next to the post office in Wapella for many, many years.

vptrox said...

Second from left on front row may be one of the Rasor boys (Melvin?) I almost made this team. However, we had a practice game at Heyworth. I
got a bunt signal from Greenie, Vernell's dad. Dewey Slayback, their pitcher, had the ball past me before I could get the bat off my shoulder. I surrendered my suit. After retiring I played well over 800 games in five leagues. Vernon "Pete" Troxel

Unknown said...

Which of these players is Gene Kiley? Can you label the players from left to right? Many thanks, Kirk.

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